Why You Should Start Cooking Today.



It always surprises me when someone tells me they don’t cook. To me, it’s just something so important that I can’t begin to understand why you wouldn’t even want to learn. Maybe you never had someone who was willing to teach you or maybe you just don’t care about food, but bear with me for a second, I’ll give you some excellent reasons why you should fire up that stove.


fast_forward  You know exactly what you’re eating.  Did you ever take a second to look at the ingredient list on the back of a frozen meal? Most of the ingredients on the list sound more like something you would need in a chemistry lab. When you choose to make your own meals, you know exactly whats in them because, well, you put them there!


fast_forward  It’s cheaper to cook food yourself.  Someone has to pay for the person/machine who prepared the food, someone has to pay for the transportation & packaging costs but why should that be you? By buying your own ingredients and investing a little bit of time, you are able to pocket that money and therefore “pay” yourself for the time you spend in the kitchen. It’s kind of like being you own boss when you think about it!


fast_forward  The food you cook is tastier.  Prepackaged foods are meant to please as much people possible so they tend to be bland. By making the food yourself, you can tweak it exactly how you like it. You like it spicy? Then by all means add more spice!  You are the master of your own kitchen, and anything that comes out of it should be a reflection of what you love.


fast_forward  Cooking is sexy. Ever hear someone say: “Jeez I hope my next girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t know how to cook!” or “I’m sick and tired of you preparing home cooked meals for me!”..  Yeah me neither.


fast_forward  It’s good for the environment.  By buying local ingredients and cooking them yourself, you minimize the negative effects of transportation required to bring the food from the factory to the store. You also encourage your community. Sounds good to me!


fast_forward  Cooking your own food is healthier.  Maybe you want to lose weight? Maybe you’re on a special diet? By cooking your own food, you get to choose exactly how much fat, sodium or whatever else you’re trying to control goes into the food you eat. You can make it as healthy as you want!




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